Helpful Links

(1) Ngala is a provider of Early Parenting and Early Childhood services with a passion for supporting and guiding families and young children through the journey of parenting. The services are available to  families with young children who work or reside in Western Australia and the online information is available to everyone. 

(2) This is a website for Australian mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else who has responsibility for the care of children. However a lot of information can be viewed online by everyone. 

(3) A list of parenting resources for Australia.

(4) A list of websites and resources for young parents.

(5) A guide to being a parent.

(6) Baby Centre Australia

(7) A chart which helps with sleep/awake patterns of baby


(8) Strategies to help children sleep through the night

The Sleepsense Program

(9) Parenting WA

The Choose to Hug PDF on Parenting WA website

(10) An app and a book by Dr Frans Plooij about the mental development of baby and what he can do after the leaps

The Wonder Weeks


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