I’m Fardeenah, Deenah for dear ones, mum of a two-year old who keeps me very busy and entertained! Since my daughter was born the learning curve has been exponential! Being a first time mum, I must admit that the experience was very challenging at the start. However it has been also so rewarding and oh so full of bliss. I have grown so much through this experience and discovered things and emotions that I couldn’t even imagine existed before becoming a mum myself.

I have travelled to several countries, before my daughter but also with her. We have recently moved to Doha, Qatar from Perth, Australia. It’s another chapter which starts in the life of my small family. So much to discover and enjoy!

I love cooking and baking; I’m always trying new recipes for my family and friends. I am a teacher but I wish I was a Michelin ‘baker’ if that existed! I’m passionate about education and everything relating to kids (eating, sleeping, toys, growing up, clothes, shoes, books, teaching and learning styles, tantrums, sharing, etc. etc. — did I not say ‘everything’?) And you were still wondering why this website’s address was babylove(ad)diction, right? There you go!

This blog is a way for me to share some of my life experiences; I would be delighted if things I have learnt or if these experiences could help mums, particularly new ones or if it could simply be an inspiration to someone.

Happy read!

Babylovedictionly Yours



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