Light the Dark: Go Australia!

Syrian refugees arrive at a beach on the Greek island of Kos after crossing a part of the Aegean sea from Turkey to Greece in a dinghy on August 15, 2015 in Kos, Greece. The Greek government has sent a cruise ship to the island of Kos which will be able to house up to 2,500 refugees and operate as a registration centre, after 2,000 Syrian refugees were locked in an old stadium during a registration process and left without water for more than a day. Australians Light the Dark rally to support Syrian refugees.
Tens of thousands gathered across the country this Monday September 7th for the Light the Dark vigil. They expressed their support to little Aylan and to Syrian refugees. I felt so proud to be Australian today; eventhough I wasn’t physically present I could feel the huge movement of compassion towards our fellow brothers.

Grandparents, parents, boys, girls, pro-refugee movements — all formed one single force to show their support to refugees. Their message was clear: ‘Tony Abott, Australia has to take more refugees!‘ And why not? Space is not a problem, is it? Nor is the country’s economic situation. So, why not?

My 2 year old is sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow will be another day where the major catastrophe will be her wanting more cake or refusing to sit in her high chair for dinner. My world is so much different to that of these people — a world where children risk losing their lives everyday or that of their loved ones. I feel so helpless when I see pictures of children arriving in Greece in dinghies and having to spend the night sleeping on the beach.

Germany is heartily welcoming refugees at the moment and UK has promised to do the same. Come on Australia, we can do better too! Aussie Aussie Aussie …


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