What is it about borders?

My daughter is 2 years old now and since the past weeks I have only been thinking about what she was going to wear, which cake I was going to bake for her big day, the birthday theme and the whole lot. Having just moved to Doha, we had a small party with a few people we recently met. Something simple, nothing fancy. It was all happy happy.

All these seemed so irrelevant when the same night I read the article about the Kurdi boys. Oh how heart wrenching! Those pictures were so so heart breaking! Being a mum I simply couldn’t not feel the pain. Don’t the world leaders feel the pain too? Are they not parents? Do they have to be parents to feel the pain? To feel empathy? To try to do something? To help human beings like themselves? To help kids like their kids? To simply be human?

We all want the best for our kids. I feel fortunate that I wasn’t born in a war-torn country where the main aim everyday is to flee the country, to get a better life elsewhere. I keep thinking of countries like Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Congo, Sri Lanka, and so many more where children do not have one percent of the luck our children have. Or even those children whose lives are on halt in camps. I wonder how politicians like the one from the UK dares to say the Kurdi boy died “because his parents were greedy for the good life in Europe”. Aren’t all of us parents greedy for the happiness of our children?

Angela Merkel and Fancois Hollande want to impose a quota on the number of refugees. David Cameron doesn’t want to hear about refugees in ‘his’ country. Tony Abott, ‘my Prime Minister’ believes refugees are mere “illegal maritime arrivals”! Yet these same world leaders are the ones who talk about international law; yet they are the ones who signed the Refugee Convention. Yet they are the ‘Rambos’ protecting ‘their’ borders at any cost. What is it about borders?

Can’t the world be one big country, rather than a number of different countries fighting for their piece of land? Will the European Union not hear the cry of despair of their fellow human beings? They have to do something, they’ve got to be human!